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Hi my friend and thanks for visiting my site. I’m sure you are here to learn how to improve your credit score or learn how to start a credit repair business or to get credit repair training.

My name is Phil Turner,

credibiblecoverIn 1982, I compiled tons of research and wrote the very FIRST credit repair book on the market: “The Credit Bible – Everything You’ll Ever Want To Know About Credit.”  Maybe you are here to get a copy. That book opened up the flood-gates for consumers and they started taking initiatives to resolve their own credit problems. This was my goal!

The Credit Bible was used by attorneys, college professors, mortgage brokers, those starting a credit repair companies and many more to lean how the credit repair process worked and how to apply that knowledge to resolve credit problems. It was a huge success!!This book was available from April 1982 until September 2015 and was updated each year.

Why did I take this lucrative book off the market? That’s a great question and my answer has more to do with making sure that consumers get the best information available to them and giving back. You see, as one with many titles, author, journalist and former financial guru, my book helped millions of consumers but over the last few years, many things have changed.  For one, there has been a surge of software based companies offering credit repair software for consumers and businesses to use to resolve credit problems and start a credit repair business. They are marketing to consumers as if this is the best option to getting started and managing a credit repair business.

I believe this has created MORE problems for the consumer than helped. The software is NOT the problem but how they are used. You see, a credit repair software program CAN NOT Think for you and if you rely on it to do the job of disputing credit issues, it can actually hurt consumers. But many are using software as their first source to starting a credit repair business. I want to change this.

If you want to start a successful Credit Repair Business, and separate yourself from all of the nationally advertised firms, you have to returned to the way credit repair was done in beginning. It is a personal service and requires a personal touch while using today’s technology.

This is why I am recommending The Credit Consultants Association, Inc. (ccasite.org) A non-profit trade association for the credit repair industry. They have complete rights to my materials and have a research team to keep their materials up-to-date with the industry. They are your best source to getting the training you need to start a credit repair business.

Yes, you need training!!!! NOT training from a software company on how to use their software to start a credit repair business. You need to know how to solve credit problems without software FIRST!!!!!  This is not a reflection on the software companies because you can buy their software AFTER you have been trained in this business first. I believe that those interesting in starting a credit business are doing it backwards and buying software first because of marketing. It is NOT a good idea and hurting this industry.

Credit bureaus have caught on to all of these software programs and NOW you have computers that are recognizing computers. This means that if you submit a dispute using a software based generated letter even with a few changes, the credit bureaus computers will recognize them and can stall your efforts to resolving credit problems. Also, they will place a flag on your account that you are attempting to repair your credit using a credit repair software.  Yes, you can get them to respond and it is within your right,  but they have the right to reject what they consider frivolous claims. Why go through that hassle and time when you can get it right from the beginning.

The credit repair business is lucrative and if you are just interested in solving your own problems, The Credit Consultants Association, Inc. (ccasite.org) provides extremely affordable packages to insiders information to get the job done. Today, it is hard to find just one book to help you resolve your credit problems so one will spend a lot of time or hundreds on buying sources. You can get all the information and support you need with The Credit Consultants Association, Inc. (ccasite.org) sources.

All of the Credit Bible’s contents have been integrated into CCA’s training manuals.

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6 Responses to Learn How To Start A Credit Repair Business

  1. Janet says:

    Thanks For this information, I was just about to purchase a software program and just sign up with CCA

  2. creditbible says:

    Great Amber! I’m sure you will be happy with your choice. It’s ok to purchase the software program after you have received your training.

  3. John says:

    I was about to purchase credit cloud. I’ve never had any credit repair training. Are you saying that this is not how to start a credit repair business.

    • Phil says:

      Credit Cloud is a good software program. I understand that it appears that it is all that to start your business. I strongly believe that you need to understand the credit repair business first. Get the training you need to do this business without software first and then you can purchase credit cloud once you start your business. You will be controlling credit cloud instead of having credit cloud control you.

  4. Yvette says:

    This is timely information! I purchased a software program and started my credit repair business. However, I’m visiting this site to gain more knowledge with problems I’m having and some of the responses I’m getting from the credit bureau. In retrospect, I should have gotten training in this business from a credit repair training source instead of purchasing this software first. So I totally agree with you.

    • Phil says:

      Yes Yvette, we hear the sentiments of your comments all the time. This is why this article was posted.

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